We all want our horses for feel their best, Equine HX CBD is a great option to support your horse in finding deeper balance in their body and mind.

After much testing and case studies within Mikahla’s equine practice, she developed a line for horses with the same high qualities our human line upholds. Now your horse can receive the amazing benefits of Full Spectrum hemp extract and all of it’s cannabinoids, phyto-nutrients, and energetic signatures. Equine HX CBD tincture is minimally processed and free from flavoring, impurities, and preservatives.

Equine HX CBD tincture offer the numerous benefits of the hemp plant. Our tinctures come with a dosing syringe to make application easy. Our CBD is versatile in that you can give over your horses feed or in their mouth (faster acting). We suggest dosing your horse with the provided syringe either under the tongue or over feed with 2mL twice a day.

4oz. Bottle contains 2,500mg of hemp cannabinoids.

Ingredients: Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, organic cold-pressed Hempseed Oil.

Check with your association for testing rules and regulations.
Vet Statement: Speak with your veterinarian when adding a herbal tincture to your horse’s diet. This is not intending to treat, prevent, or cure any diseases. Safe use in pregnant and nursing horses has not been proven, consult with your veterinarian.
*Restricted to sell in CA.
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